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  • Ring of colourful exam revision study cards.
  • Select your favourite colours.
  • Stored on open and closable metal rings so you can keep your study cards safe, secure, ordered and difficult to lose.
  • Create your own Question and Answer (Q&A) Style Exam Revision Flash Cards Rings tailored to your course content!
  • 230gsm Thick Cards, so your answer won’t show on both sides.
  • Test Yourself. Get Family and Friends to Test you.
  • Watch Performance Skyrocket with Practice!
  • Change the order to mix things up, the metal rings can be simply opened and shut.
  • Perfect for Students, Parents and Teachers.
  • Great for Revising Key Terms and Concepts.
  • We Recommend using 1-2 Flash Cards Rings per GCSE Subject and 2-3 per A-Level Subject.
  • Our No.1 Study & Learning Aid!
  • Free UK Delivery!

Get an extra 10% off orders of 5 or more today with coupon “10off”.

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  • Ring of colourful exam revision study cards.
  • Choose your favourite colours.
  • Create question and answer style study cards to help you learn, remember and revise exactly what you need to know.
  • Ideal for Implement Self-testing Revision; a Scientifically Proven Highly Effective Revision Strategy Recommended by Top Educational Research Scientist Professor John Dunlovsky.
  • In the description below, we outline the studies behind revising using our study cards and how you can utilise them most effectively to achieve optimal results.
  • The BBC Education article Revision techniques – the good, the OK and the useless gives an excellent summary of the scientific effectiveness of 10 common revision strategies, only two strategies are rated as ‘High’; distributed practice and the one this product is made for!
  • Fun question and answer style format promotes revision through testing.
  • Produce succinct revision cards on the key content you need to know for the exam.
  • Repeatedly test yourself. Work on improving your understanding until you are fully comfortable with the entire course content. Track your progress, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Perfect for students, great for speedy and effective revision.
  • Tried, tested and recommended for A-Level and GCSE students by a A*A*A* A-Level student.
  • StudyWise is a dedicated revision stationery retailer. We have delivered 1000’s of StudyWise Study Card Rings to students just like you across the United Kingdom.
  • Free UK Delivery!

Highly Recommended Revision Strategy (4 Simple Steps)

  1. Create snappy question and answer style flashcards to help you learn, remember and revise exactly what you need to know.
  2. Repeatedly test yourself. Get family and friends to test you. Carefully study the answers you recall incorrectly. Track your progress, strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Take out the cards you’ve learnt, change the order to mix things up and repeatedly target your weakest areas.
  4. Repeat until you are fully comfortable with the entire course material!

Writing My StudyWise Study Cards

Creating your StudyWise Study Cards will force you to condense and really engage with the material you are going to be tested on. It is much easier to congest and recall material you’ve really had to think about than the material you have only read. The article Revision techniques – the good, the OK and the useless highlights the effectiveness of creating and repeated testing using study cards in its summary article of the conclusions of a major US Psychological Study by Professor John Dunlovsky. Of the techniques examined, the two highlighted as the most effective are:

  • “Practice testing – Self-testing to check knowledge – especially using flashcards”
  • “Distributed practice – spreading out study over time”

We recommend you to do both of these.

The process of creating study cards is far more fun, enjoyable and interactive than repeatedly rereading notes and textbooks, which done alone, is an inefficient and ineffective revision strategy that quickly becomes monotonous. Most students are happy to spend time revising in ways that they enjoy. So if you are one of those students who find it hard to put in the hours, this strategy is ideal for you!

Self-Testing With My StudyWise Study Cards

Once you’ve created your study cards – Fantastic! You now have an awesome exam tailored revision resource which you can use to implement scientifically proven to be effective self-testing revision. This will enable you to clarify exactly what you know, and what you don’t. You can then use this knowledge to target your weakest areas and track your progress! If you are feeling brave, try getting someone you would like to impress to test you (maybe Dad or Grandpa); this way you can practice performing under a little pressure. This is excellent practice for the real exam where you will be under time and performance pressure and you won’t have your notes in front of you!

Your exam performance will reflect what you know and understand without prompting or having notes in front of you. It is essential that you practice enough such that by the time of your exam, you will know and understand the contents of your course well enough that you can recall quickly and accurately. Using textbooks alone can give you a false sense of knowing things which are only stored in your short-term memory; things which you really only know because you read them 10 seconds ago! Practice testing is the best way to understand what you don’t understand! Then you can take targetted action.

After repeated practice and self-testing, you will feel a lot more confident with the course material. Given that your exam will, of course, be a test, this strategy delivers excellent test format preparation benefits. Our StudyWise Study Cards are also portable and fastened together on an open and closable ring which keeps them all together and helps to prevent you from losing study cards. This makes StudyWise Study Cards excellent for revision on the go.

If you’re looking for larger size cards to write multiple sentences on these are probably not for you. With bigger cards, it is easy for students to fall into the trap of copying large chunks out of the textbook rather than focusing on the important points and concepts. We wouldn’t advise writing too much on any one flash card as for many students, trying to recall multiple sentences can be a frustrating process. Your goal should be to condense your course material into short and snappy question and answer study cards. Not to rewrite the textbook.

Side Binding: : Ring
Cover Hardness: : Hard Copybook
Cover Material: : Card
Sheets: : 50 230gsm cards per ring approx
Questions: : Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.
Quantity: : One
Colour: : Choice
Size: : 90 x 55mm / 3.54″ x 2.16″ x 0.79″ (Approx.)
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