Tutoring: Online vs Traditional

by Guides

Traditional tutoring

Traditional tutors are in high demand these days, particularly those for maths, english and sciences. This makes it difficult to find a good tutor at an affordable price. A traditional tutor will either visit your home or you will travel to them. This can be time consuming and any travel time for the tutor will be build into the cost. Furthermore, many tutors have a packed schedule so timings are often quite inflexible. Payment in advance for the best price is not uncommon.  All this can make traditional tutoring unworkable for many families, so whats the alternative?

Online tutoring!

The tech boom has brought with it a whole host of online educational resources (you can learn nearly anything on youtube!). One of these is online tutoring platforms. These sites use a virtual learning environment through which student and tutor can communicate from the comfort of their own homes. Online tutoring is usually much cheaper and more flexible than the traditional alternative. Lessons can be any length and you only pay for the time needed.

Tutor quality wise, nearly all online tutoring platforms have a feedback system; only the best can maintain high ratings. You’ll often get the opportunity to interview any tutor for free before proceeding with a lesson. Lessons can be scheduled or spontaneous. Its up to you!

For those worried about safety, many sites do background checks and interview potential tutors. Lessons are often ‘saved’, giving students and parents the opportunity to go back over lessons. In the unlikely event a tutoring session doesn’t meet expectations, most platforms have a generous refund policy.

Unless you already have a quality, affordable traditional tutor, online tutoring is definitely something worth checking out. Chegg is the largest online tutoring platform with tutors avaliable 24/7.