GCSE results day for this year is Thursday 25th August. Whether you’re confident or a little nervous, there are a few things to know for the big day:

Find out your school’s results day opening times

You’ll usually get a note home with this information and it should also be on your schools website. Remember to take your phone so you can call family and friends!

What to look out for

This will depend on your sixth form or college as well as your A level choices. Even if you aren’t going into further education, maths and english are still crucial and many employers require at least a C grade in both of these. If you have chosen science A-levels, a particular maths grade will almost certainly need meeting, as well as a grade for the particular science. You’ll also probably still need that C grade in english. Obviously this all depends on your college/ sixth form so have this info at the ready.


This is mainly for students who don’t achieve a C in maths or english. Speak to your teachers about this. If you are disappointed with say a B in Biology, resits would rarely be recommended; A-levels or other further study will be hard work and it’s probably best to let it go!

Missed an entry requirement

Call your college or sixth form, they might be flexible. Alternatively they could offer you a different A level. For example if you needed an A in physics to proceed to physics A level but got an A in chemistry, you may be able to do chemistry A-level instead.

Just missed the next grade

So you’re only a couple of marks off the next grade up. If you’re considering a remark, bare in mind they can be expensive and the often grade doesn’t change. However if you are only a few marks of grades off your C in maths or english you really should consider a remark. Your school in such a circumstance may even pay for it.

Best of Luck!