This year’s A-Level results day is Thursday 18th August. Whether you’re confident of getting your first choice or a little nervous, there are a few things to know for the big day. Best of luck!

Checking UCAS

At around 8am, you can login to UCAS Track to find out if you have been accepted by your chosen university. Bare in mind thousands of students from around the country will also be checking Track, so don’t be surprised if the website is down or unresponsive. Track won’t tell you your results, only your situation with regards to your university place, so be sure to later head to school and pick up your results. Your school should have their results day opening times on their website.

Just missed your entry requirements?

It’s worth calling up the university and seeing if they will still accept you. Remember universities only see your grades and not your marks, so if you are only a few marks off a required grade, pointing this out to them may help your case. Speak to your teachers if you’re in this situation as they will have the experience to help you out. You may even be offered an alternative course by the uni which you will need to accept or reject through Track. You may also want to check out UCAS clearing.

If you’re only a few marks off the grade you need and you’ve been unsuccessful asking the uni to accept you without it, a priority remark might be worth a shot. Speak to your teachers about this, it has to be applied for quite quickly. You need to tell your university if you go for this.

Exceeded your entry requirements?

Great, you’ve got your first choice uni. Congratulations! For those interested in ‘trading up’ a uni, you may want to check out UCAS Adjustment.  Do this quickly as the Adjustment program only runs from results day until the 31st of August.

Want to take a gap year?

You’ll have to call your uni to see if this is a possibility. Universities don’t have to agree to this so it might be a good idea to think up a valid reason to support your case. For example if you plan to get work experience related to your degree, this will be worth mentioning.