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Can someone mark my English language paper 1
i tried the first three questions to see how its like this the first paper i have done so if someone could please check how i did so i could improve next time thank you very much.…-Lang-SAMs.pdf
this is the link to the paper, i did fiction and imaginative and the answers are there when you scrole down after the paper
here are my answers to the first three
1) “A tub had caught it all”
2) ” I smiled, for who am I to fear.” and “in the enthusiasm of my confidence”
3) Poe uses language to show the change in the reader’s mood by explaining that he “felt” himself “getting pale”. This past participle suggests that he was experiencing at that precise moment that after the police left, suggesting to the reader that although the police didn’t discover anything about the corpse, he still had a fear of them finding out. Moreover, the adjective his “pale” skin connotates his ambivalence of being caught as well as show a potential sign of being sick with guilt in contrast to the previous paragraph where is overwhelmed with his confidence. This change of mood creates tension in the reader of his being caught but also completes the reader’s expectation of him being dramatically punished for his bad deed.
Poe uses structure to show the change in the narrator’s mood. at the beginning of the paragraph, Poe uses short and simple sentences such as “The officers were satisfied” in contrast to the end of the paragraph where he uses long and complex sentences with more punctuation evident from lines23-25. By using such contrast in sentence structure the writer tries to convey how the narrator starts to lose control over himself as he starts to get “rid of his feeling” whereas before he presented his ease in escaping from the punishment in shorter sentences. The increased use of punctuation such as hyphens and colons increase the pace of the paragraph near the end symbolising the potential growth of irritation due to the noise he is hearing. Furthermore, at the beginning of the paragraph he uses a semantic field of relaxation by using “satisfied” and “ease” however towards the end he uses the semantic field of irritation such as ” pale” and “ached”. This change in semantic field portrays the instant desire of the narrator to escape from this situation due to his irritation in contrast to the “ease” experiences before.

thank you very much