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French and Spanish GCSE Sections (Now Complete!)

French and Spanish GCSE Sections (Now Complete!)

Here are our newly completed French GCSE and Spanish GCSE sections. We recommend both first and second year students check out the specification they will be studying. Exam specifications detail the course you will be studying. They cover course topics, skills...

Choosing A Levels: Tips for GCSE Students

Choosing A Levels: Tips for GCSE Students

There are many things to consider when choosing your A levels. Will I enjoy physics? Will I be any good at economics? Which subjects do universities prefer? What will my university course requirements be? Do my choices narrow my degree options? These are common and...

Product details

  • 55 blank white cards on each ring. 2 rings included. 110 cards total.
  • Ideal for learning language vocabulary.
  • Perfect for students. Great for GCSE and A level revision; especially maths, sciences and languages.
  • The ring can be opened so you can remove/ change the order of your cards hassle free.
  • Card dimensions: 90 mm by 50 mm.
  • Free delivery!

How to use?

We recommend writing the word, sum or question on one side and the answer on the other. This enables you to test yourself and immediately see the correct answer by flipping the card. StudyWise study cards are great for organising key points on any subject into a form that is easy to access and memorise.

Why use StudyWise Study Cards?

Professor John Dunlovsky’s research into the effectiveness of common revision strategies is neatly summarised in a BBC article titled ‘Revision techniques – the good, the OK and the useless’. Of ten revision techniques discussed in the article only two were given the top effectiveness rating of ‘high’. One of these was ‘Practice testing – Self-testing to check knowledge – especially using flash cards’. This is exactly what we encourage you to use StudyWise study cards for!

Having your study cards stored on rings enables you to revise on the go while keeping your revision organised in a revision aid that fits in your pocket. Repeated use on buses, trains or during personal revision time ensures information is quickly learned to fluency. Come exam time, StudyWise study cards are a fast and effective personal revision aid.

As described, great for my daughters revision for her GCSE’s

Anthony - Study Cards Customer

Great for teaching myself Spanish vocabulary. Would definitely recommend for anyone learning a language, or revising for anything for that matter

Beth - Study Cards Customer

These are so useful and a great help when you are studying

Niki - Study Cards Customer

Product details

  • Perfect for students. Great for GCSE and A level revision.
  • Create colourful, engaging revision aids using the array of included revision stationery.
  • Encourages active revision- essential to exam success.
  • Comes with mini whiteboard set (board, pen and eraser), exam suitable large transparent pencil case and much more.
  • Free delivery!

Pack Contents

  • Coloured Lined Record Revision Cards (100 cards, 4 colours, 25 cards of each colour) (5 inch by 3 inch)
  • StudyWise Study Cards (3x 55 Card Rings) (90 mm by 50 mm)
  • Mini Whiteboard
  • Mini Whiteboard Pen
  • Mini Whiteboard Eraser
  • 4 Colour Pen
  • Yellow Highlighter
  • Rectangular Sticky Notes (100 sheets) (5 inch by 3 inch)
  • Exam Suitable Large Transparent Pencil Case (random zip colour)
  • Coloured Sticky Tabs (3 random colours)
  • 100 Lined White Record Revision Cards (5 inch by 3 inch)
  • Paperclips
  • 35 Blank White Study Flash Cards
  • 30cm Transparent Shatter Resistant Ruler

Why StudyWise Study Packs?

StudyWise Study Packs encourage active revision; numerous studies have shown that to achieve top grades, merely reading over notes and hoping something goes in isn’t enough. StudyWise Study Packs contain the tools you need to memorise, summarise and revise your way to the highest grades. Enjoy!

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